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"Pressure washing is an effective way to remove loose paint and dirt in preparation for
staining or painting a house exterior or deck. It also works wonders in cleaning up a
property and eliminating the cost of an exterior paint job. Pressure washing works
great on garage structures, decks, parking lots, driveways and walkways, as well."

                          up to 1500lf $75.00                           
                          1500-2000lf $100.00                           
                          2000-2500lf $125.00                           
                          more than 2500lf $150.00+                         

small     $25.00 medium     $30.00 large     $35.00

3.5¢ psf

Great Lakes Pressure Wash invites you to submit a proposal request.
Special discounts for Multiple Dwelling Units and other groups of property.