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    Sorority & Fraternity Annual Year Books
    Family Photo Albums for Parents & Grandparents
    Weddings & Other Special Events
    Dedications, Graduations & Anniversaries
    Christmas & Birthdays

Montages available in standard video, PowerPoint®
or flash formats. Just put together your favorite photos,
music and captions. Then we will add custom transitions,
3D graphics, logos and animation to create a video memory that will last a lifetime!

Order as many copies as you need for friends,
family and neighbors, just let us know how many.
The more copies purchased, the more you save.
The cost for the montage could be as little as FREE!

another great idea!
The same great quality as our regular video montage
with music, captions and video. Then all you have to
do is send a link to your friends and family via email.
You can send this instead of, or in addition to your
professional photos. The cost is the same as our
regular montage, plus a small fee for the webspace.

Let Eaglewing Enterprises create a video
montage for your next special event!

Contact us today for a FREE estimate & consultation.


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